Bremerton Marathon

Race Information

Official race information for the 2016 race. No upcoming races are scheduled at this time.

Bremerton Marathon runs from Evergreen Park, through Manette, Illahee, Brownsville, Silverdale, Chico, and then back to Evergreen Park, making a complete loop around Dyes Inlet. It features the Manette and Warren Ave Bridges, beautiful waterfront, lush forests, quaint neighbors, and glimpses of Mt. Rainer and the Olympics. It's Pacific Northwest running at it's best.

Bremerton Marathon is a challenging race. Be prepared for rolling to intense hills throughout much of the course. Bremerton Marathon is a great challenge for both the daring new, and the seasoned runner. It is run mostly on open roads, with just under a mile on the Clear Creek Trail. Please run with caution on the roads! Aid stations will be available every 2-4 miles.

Marathon and Half-Marathon

The race features a marathon and half-marathon. The 1/2 marathon will be the 2nd half of the marathon course.

Marathon will begin at Evergreen Park (1500 Park Ave) in Bremerton. There will be a 7 hour limit on the marathon.

1/2 Marathon will begin at Old Mill Park (2901 NW Bucklin Hill Rd) in Silverdale . There will be a 5 1/2 hour limit on the 1/2 marathon. No early starts.